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Another canal, Huchenghe (“the City Moat”) runs east from the Slender West Lake’s southern end; at its eastern end, it also connect to the Old Grand Canal. A parallel canal farther to the north, the Caohe, connects the Slender West Lake with the Old Grand Canal as well.

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Slender West Lake (瘦西湖) is a well-known scenic spot in the city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province; it is a national park of China.

Heading east for Yangzhou,China among hazy vernal hues…

Yangzhou ,known as a city of gardens and alleys. It is a proud retainer of ancient Chinese architecture, art, culture, traditional gardens and parks,

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A zip – and an entire world – away from Shànghǎi, lush and well-irrigated Jiāngsū (江苏) spills over as much charm and history as the waters that…